Monday, May 6, 2013

Oh may I thought you were going to be different.

Well May was suppose to be my changing moving on. Sure it still hurts when I see a VW bug (are they in every movie and tv show) but I've gotten to the point where I don't change the channel. Sure the guy wearing the Green Lantern shirt walking across the street caused me to wonder about you....These were to be excepted.

I forgot about what May was to bring for us. The trip. Meeting your friends. Exploring Portland. Then up to my home. Everyone at home keeps asking when I am coming back? Am I still doing breakfast? Each time it feels like someone slapped me across the face. Its not their fault.

Plans after May weren't set in stone like maybe we should go do this, or I'll spend Thanksgiving with your family those I think won't hurt as much. So once May is over perhaps then I will be home free.

We had this huge fight about planning this trip and we worked it out but you had said we shouldn't plan the trip till we meet and I guess you were right.

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