Saturday, May 18, 2013

I am (fill in the blank)

I watch an Oprah special yesterday about how you shouldn't put things into the air because they come true so you shouldn't say things like "I am fat" "I am broke" "I am unhappy" because they come true. So Oprah and various other people involved with Oprah says that you should turn it into a positive and then it will happen, so I am going to start and I thought I would start here today!

I am capable of finding the love of my life without settling. He's out there! He's waiting for me to find him too!

I am going to start an amazing business and be a success at it!

I am beautiful. I am thin. I am lovely. I am amazing!

I am going to be a good mother someday!

I am capable of getting everything I want out of life.

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