Friday, May 31, 2013

Everyone must read this book!!

Everyone needs to read this book!! I cried after the 1st story! I texted everyone I knew to read it by the second and I am not even half way done and I am going to buy it and loan it out and if it never comes back keep buying it and one days when I might need a little pick me up I'll find a story to read from it!

A man wrote in who his physically not that good looking, has some disabilities and doesn't think he can find love (HELLO story of my life) I heard what I have told myself all the time, what I tell other people but its nice to have it in words for when the low moments come.

I was just talking about this with my friend Katie today and she told me never to think that so quotes from this story will be places everywhere so that I can remember.

The love you gain from your friends is proof that someday someone will love you. Not in the way they love you not just as a friend but in that way.

The love I get from my friends is amazing. I have been so blessed by this. So if that above statement is true and I really think it then it will happen! It makes me so blessed to have these wonderful people who share and show me love and teach me about it everyday!

and of course the next quote I say all the time, but to have it said in these words is just amazing. So maybe instead of dear future love of my life I should write "dear Uber-cool sparkle rocket mind-blower"

By not being "Normal-looking" a lot of people will immediately X you out as a romantic partner for this reason. Thats okay. You don't need those people.By stepping aside, they've done you a favor, Because what you've got left after the fools have departed are the old souls and the true hearts. Those are the Uber-cool sparkle rocket mind-blowers we're after. Those are the people worthy of your love.

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