Sunday, April 28, 2013

Not giving up on finding you

Sometimes you meet someone amazing. They make you feel so safe and so happy that you couldn’t believe how lucky you are. You become a better person because they make you want to be better without asking. You work harder and change your bad habits and you become the best person you can be. They make you smile just by being in your thoughts. You fall asleep in each others’ arms. You name your future kids. You make plans. You fight. You’re brutally honest with each other. You make up. You find someone you’re not scared to tell the truth around. You’re so sure that this is the one. This is it. You think, “the memories we’re making now are the ones we’re going to tell our kids about.”

But the fact is, nothing is set in stone. People can change. They can walk away from you even if you’re the best, even if you don’t make mistakes, even if they still love you. In the same vein, you might be the one who walks away, for the same reasons.

And though it hurts, makes you feel like you’ll never find that again, and that all of it was for nothing, you’ll be fine. It was worth it. There’s not just one person out there for everyone.

If you’re out there, if you’re anything like me, you haven’t given up. And I know we won’t, it’s not in our nature. Hiding and running away will get us nowhere. Let’s keep taking chances and loving fully because that’s the only way this will happen. Let’s find each other. Because even with all the pain and bumps in the road, I know that you’ll be worth it.

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