Monday, April 29, 2013

Me makeover

I have made so many changes emotionally in the past 5 months now I want to grow more. A huge life makeover is happening. With the move. I am going to do things I have never done, wanted to do, and learn to love me more. Also maybe learn to really let someone in again.

First I am going to work on not being so fearful of things. To not worry so much. To not make excuses about why I can't do something.

I am going to do some retail therapy this coming weekend, change it up a bit. Be more brave in my fashion choice. Realize that my body isn't as horrible as I think.

I also can't wait to be healthier from making better eating habit, the yoga class on the beach, and nightly swims in the pool and sitting in the hot tub.

Wouldn't this be a delightful schedule to have?

I used to get hair wraps all the time I would love to have one again!

I want to learn to cook more even if its simple recipes like a fancy grilled cheese for me. Maybe I'll have dinner parties so I can cook the bigger meals.

I am going to focus my energy on getting my business up and running.

Focus on being more happy and less negative.

Fashion. I am going to try and have more of it. Put makeup on. Make an effort to look really nice every time I step out the door. Try more styles with my hair. Do facials and the such. Maybe even learn to walk in High Heels. Do it for me.

accept that I am beautiful. My arms aren't to big nor is my nose. I am not fat because my stomach isn't super flat. Don't be so judgmental of myself when I look in the mirror and focus on the good.

Set high standards for my life. For the things I do. The people I let in it. The people I choose to fall for. The work I do. The things I do in my life. Big things are coming my way and I can't wait to grow!

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