Friday, April 26, 2013

Loses its power

Remember how I was complaining about seeing things that constantly reminded me of someone moreso while watching the OC? Well I have decided to look at it two ways. I was glad for what we had and the memories we made so if something reminds me of that time I will just smile.

2nd we had a student at the middle school I worked at that had trouble with speech (because no one ever took the time to teach him) sometimes when he wanted your attention he would scream. You just walked away normally. Well there was this new counselor in school that didn't like it. My dear friend and favorite co-worker used to say that if we let everyone get used to hearing him scream he wouldn't get attention and it would lose its power. So maybe I need to be around these things and do the things I am going to do and one day they won't have that power over me to make me sad.

so I have been watching season 1. I am about half way through, and yes there are lots of things that remind me of him but that is okay and one day it won't make me sad anymore.

There are also lessons I can take with me to help.

Where any of you OC fans? I also feel like I understand more of references now that I am more knowledgeable about California. I had watched the show when I first moved to California and had no idea the locations or references they made its kind fun to get them now!

and of course those amazing on the edge scenes and heartfelt moments still get to me!

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