Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Boston, Running, and not letting anything stop you from your passion.

Well if you read this blog you know that I have a disability or I guess I am labeled with that as I don't see that I have one. I've never let that stop me, if there is something I want to do I am going to do it!

As I watched the news about Boston and cried I then went online, people were saying those poor people who devote their lives to running will never run again.

Whenever I hear someone say "Oh if I lost my legs I wouldn't be able to go on" It always breaks my heart. So I want to inspire to say if you can Dream it you can do it!! Don't let anything stop you!!

I haven't I went rock climbing in two leg cast after surgery. I did Track in Middle School. I have the will I will find away.

Heck this guy and his dad ran the Boston Marathon. Look at the Olympics this year. This is not the time to say I can't to let the bad guys even in our heads win now is the time to say "WE CAN"

I actually signed up to do a 5k this year. I had always seen photos of the color run and thought it looked fun. Well I looked into it and realized its motto for running is that everyone is welcome and its all about Health. Babies, Dogs, Old People and well anyone can do it so I said thats what I am going to do! So I asked some friends if they wanted to do it with me and that it would be more about Walking then running but they are looking forward to it!

I've actually been doing a lot of walking to train for it and I found a work out to prepare myself. I am going to start walking more and doing stretches and now that I am moving into a place with a hot tub and I found the healthy benefits of that! I also plan on eating a bit more healthier although I am ready doing that now.

I am so blessed that I have people in my life that say you can do this! I know not many people in my situations have that and I am so excited.

I am also really excited for the two girls that are doing it with me. They have been wonderful and really there for me! We've all gone through and lot this year and I think its going to be a wonderful experience!

They also have different versions of this Run like the Rad Run and the Graffiti run!

I think we all need to keep going and running and doing what we are passionate about in this time!

and who knows maybe this run will lead onto to doing other runs. Maybe the girl you wouldn't think to become a runner. Will indeed become a runner! I would love to do a Breast Cancer Walk next!


chantilly said...

what a lovely post :) you are very inspiring. xx

Kells said...

Thank you very much!