Sunday, March 31, 2013

Life Makeover

Thats what I really want and each day I am realizing I won't get that here or on the path that I am on. I went to breakfast with someone who was once a friend and I am learning is not. She talked mostly about Drugs and drinking and I was so so far (and have never been that) when I opened my heart to tell her my troubles she said "Oh well time to move on" and I thought yeah it is. I need a new life, with a handful of new people. A new start. Time to start working on the life that I want.

Here I feel so broken and sad (today was harder then its been) I feel like Robin at the end of her relationship with Barney and all you can tell me is move on. Gee thanks!! Please tell me again about how High you got? Oh someone spray painted your car? How interesting.

Easter a time for rebirth right? Well today is the day I start!

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