Friday, March 8, 2013

Dear future love of my life....

I can't wait to watch things with you. Movie nights out with the popcorn and snacks, Movie Nights in with whatever we choose, Tv shows, shows we hardly pay attention to.

I can't wait to after we've had a long day and work and counted down the minutes till we get to see eachother to just kiss that dang cute face of yours!

Thanks for loving me flaws and all and for being strong enough to stick with me.

I'm going to work really hard for our dream life together. The little house. The Dogs (The Great Dane) Taking something that may not be pretty and making it our home. I can't wait to build that with you, you say its all on me but of course you'll be on my mind as well. I can't wait to raise our kids here with laughter and love. Swing them on the tree Swing. Getting ready in the mornings as crazy as they are here, Searching through the closet for that perfect dress for that date night, hanging out the wonderful photos. Reading bed time stories to our kids. Movie Nights. Living in the Kitchen. Supporting each other inside these walls. Dinner Parties. Holidays. Me learning to Garden.....good luck to us!

and maybe we won't have all that but where ever I am with you will be home and I will help make it that way. and I would love to work up to all that and I will love all the other places we've shared till then.

I know sometimes I say it won't matter I mean look at the title but I Would really love to become your wife.

I hope I never forget how Lucky I am. Lucky that you tell me how beautiful even when I look a hot mess. That you take the time to find me the perfect gift. That you always stay at my pace just because you like being with me. That you are so kind. Thanks for cleaning up. Thanks for understanding when I can be moody. Thanks for always holding my hand. Thanks for the flowers. Thanks for the dinners out. Thanks for making me laugh. Thanks for saying sorry. Thanks for being you! Thanks for loving me for me!

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