Wednesday, March 20, 2013


I met a guy we fell for eachother. It was perfect. This progress and he gets scared. He breaks your heart in a million pieces in front of your neighbors house. He cries while you try and hold it together. You make it inside till you crumble and break leaving your rooommmate wondering you sending him for the girl in the house that would understand. It hurts. You cry. Vent. Cry. Hate happy things. Cry. Have amazing friends. Cry feel sick. Shake and shake in the middle of the night till you best friends cover you in more blankets and put on phineas and ferb. You try to fight for him. He won't hear you and the pain swallows you. You hurt in every possible way. You feel sick. You cry five more times and decide to let go. Your are broken and it hurts. Soon you'll become numb.

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