Thursday, August 2, 2012

Sometimes blogging can make you sad

For the most part blogging makes me happy. I love the craftyness of people. I love finding new music, and I feel invested in peoples lives. When days are good you want to cheer with people and their happy little blog post and say the world is indeed a good place!!

Then there are days like today where I am just lonely. Surrounded in a world of happy couples. Getting hit on by guys who are too young or taken has taken its toll and I feel ready to give up, no more thinking this I shout:

I think I'll go on and see what the blog world is up and maybe I will feel better, Not so much.....

I mean really there are a lot of happy couples out there in the blog world and while I love them all and hold to the advice they give for my future it can also drag a single girl down in low moments like these.

My friends been struggling to have a baby and she went to go try invitro again and it didn't work and I sit her completely heartbroken for her and then I go to read a blog showing off a baby bump, and while I am completely over joyed for that person its just got to be hard sometimes for all of us to bear the perfectness that is blog land.

I'm going through a tough time these days, I mean its written all over this blog and while I wish I could always be that happy camper, Its hard when you just want to be in L.A. in your apartment that should be yours but that someone took away from you. That I didn't have to feel so bad for leaving here, that it wouldn't break my heart to leave here.

I miss my friends so much and I know that things wouldn't be so hard if I had them here.

and the world seems to be in love while you have no idea why no one will love you.

I'll get back to my normal blogging self I am sure but right now its hard, and I know that all the other bloggers out there have days like this, worse even, it just feels like sometimes it thrown in your face is all.

It will get better

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