Thursday, July 26, 2012

your just a stepping stone to bigger things to come

So I was talking to this guy and I started liking him, then he stopped talking. He's txted me twice since then but only the once and each time its like a small glimmer of hope that makes me sad again.

But I realized he was just a small stepping stone to a much bigger plan for my life. He helped me realize that I can share stuff I've been scared to with no judgement. He made me realize I could meet someone on a dating site.

He also helped me get over someone I've was fighting all year long not to like.

But I think the most biggest grandest greatest thing of all is he was this stepping stone that led me down a path to find the one person that I will end up with! Who would never just stop talking to me, who would never have another girl on the side.

and yes I realize there are some things that I am in fault with to, maybe I should of listened more, or compromised more, but see again thats just another reason maybe I needed him so that I can learn this things so I don't mess it up when the one that really matters comes into my life!

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