Monday, July 23, 2012

Funny times

I just found this video over at little reminders of love (one of my favorite blogs to read)

I normally find the ah inspiring this things to keep me going or help me be more creative when I read blogs, Sadly I haven't been doing it as much lately and seem to be doing it more when I'm really blue.

This video no doubt would of been added to the list, but....I had already seen it. It was February of this year and the start of the new semester at the middle school. Some classes changed for kids like electives and I have to sub that day. I after figured out the details of where I was going learned I would be going to an electronics class, okay.

Well it was all 7th and 8th grade boys! The teacher that manly man type who worked construction and well was now teaching electronics, and here I was like "wow I am the only female in here" and very female that day I had on you know a dress and tights and teacher like shoes. I had to try to climb very lady like onto the stool!

The teacher played a video, and well it was this video above. I was so into watching the video thinking "wow how great is this" but then the student with the short attention span I was there with started asking me life questions and then I realized no one was watching and then I laughed because its like where am I watching this video?

I of course shared with all my other staff members this story throughout the day.

That class turned out to be a crazy one where the teacher cared less about rules. You'd walk in and he'd be giving a lecture and boys would be standing on the tables and dancing, and they would always talk about crude middle school boy things of course. It was like this all year. which is like how am I suppose to be here making this student pay attention when no one is. Even if wood shop they didn't even follow the rules!

well one day I went in and these boys were throwing around a Frisbee and I walked over and actually got my student to work, yay! Then I got conked on the head with said frisbee by a kid with one broken arm and had to go get an ice pack.

The vice principal went into to talk to them all but I never had to return to the class again but I don't think I'll ever forget that first day!

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