Saturday, May 19, 2012

Remember these?

I found the little clips a month ago when I was cleaning through things to take to the kids at school! I clipped them to my makeup bag. Its funny they were suppose to be the music of the future. Now you can just get music from the internet. I'm spending the weekend with my cousins. Its bittersweet, after all this time I have spent with them this year this will be the last time, They are moving and the chances of seeing them are slim. I rented a bunch of Disney movies that they've never seen like Pete's Dragon and we are doing a weekend movie fest. We have Junk food and we are just hanging out! its nice.

Friday, May 4, 2012


Laughter makes the world go round, Even when I have a bad day it makes it all go away. My students are so funny and make me laugh on a daily basis.
My co-workers keep in stitches. There are these two guys and they are just perfect to bounce off each
other. I crack up. They always count on me these days to be there giggling at their humor.
Sometimes all you need is a good laugh.