Monday, February 13, 2012

Valentines is about spreading the love

My last year of High school my friend and I decided to be anti-valentines day. Well my mom the lover of all Holidays took me to to lunch that day to celebrate and I got in all "hate hate hate blah blah blah Valentines day" and she said that Valentines day shouldn't be about just sharing love with who your in a relationship with it should be spreading the love to everyone you love.

When I got back to school I had a hand drawn card from a close friend. It changed out I looked at Valentines day from then on.

I always bake treats for friends, go out to see a movie, go to a charity Event some way with friends to show them that I do love them, and I am sure that I don't tell them enough.

This year I being the dorking teacher I am is decking out in V-day Garb and making cake-pops for students. and being that I am in Special Ed that means I have 50 students. I also have Cinnamon apples for the student who can't have wheat or sugar.

So I hope you all spread a little love this Valentines day!

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