Sunday, February 19, 2012

Dear future love of my life

To find out what we would do if Zombies attacked or any other world ending sorta things play the following song and scroll through the photos (you'll find this post very fitting of me as I love music and visuals) Love ME!!!

Blogging meets my busy life.

I know I haven't always been the best blogger.

I've gotten Sidetracked by things. What if? what if I used blogs to help me with these things that keep me from...being in the blogger world.

Use Blogs to help me with Teaching, Fun things to do with the kids, fun facts to post on my web sites, Sharing neat things with everyone, using tools to be a better blogger.

Starting today its all going to come together!

I can't wait to take on the world together!

Friday, February 17, 2012

I've been sick since Valentines day. My students love me so much they shared their Germs with me.

I've done really well this year to not get sick, the one other time was on a 3 day weekend so I managed to get well in that time, We have another three day weekend this week but looks like I had to be sick and miss some school days.

I felt bad because I got called to sub a few days and I am sort of the super sub that is always ready when called, but not this time I guess even the super sub needs sick days!

I have to sub for someone who is taking a two week vacation coming up so I have been trying to be well for that!

I went to a doctor and he put me on the good stuff and now I'm starting to feel better!

These also helped to make me feel better! Have you seen these? amazing!!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Valentines is about spreading the love

My last year of High school my friend and I decided to be anti-valentines day. Well my mom the lover of all Holidays took me to to lunch that day to celebrate and I got in all "hate hate hate blah blah blah Valentines day" and she said that Valentines day shouldn't be about just sharing love with who your in a relationship with it should be spreading the love to everyone you love.

When I got back to school I had a hand drawn card from a close friend. It changed out I looked at Valentines day from then on.

I always bake treats for friends, go out to see a movie, go to a charity Event some way with friends to show them that I do love them, and I am sure that I don't tell them enough.

This year I being the dorking teacher I am is decking out in V-day Garb and making cake-pops for students. and being that I am in Special Ed that means I have 50 students. I also have Cinnamon apples for the student who can't have wheat or sugar.

So I hope you all spread a little love this Valentines day!

Sunday, February 5, 2012


So this guy at work who has a girlfriend (I've talked about him before) Whom I like and he flirst with me a lot. I was thinking we might not ever end up together and just be great friends, I think though some people have this Chemestry and its just there and in our case we have to fight against it because we can't be together. Because I know we both try really hard not to flirt, and I try very hard not to even be around him and its just there, and that doesn't mean something is going to happen, and that doesn't mean we are meant to be it just means that we have this chemestry. and perhaps we'll just be great friends.