Friday, August 5, 2011

The tale of an awkward dinner


When I flew home a friend picked me up, she was an hour late and my last flight was the last to come in, sitting alone at the burbank airport waiting for my friend is no fun.

Her sister was with her and we decided to grab food at this diner that used to be my favorite (not so much anymore) anyways friend and her sister spent the whole time talking about inside jokes only they got (I get it I am that way with my brother, only I would try not to be that way if someone else was there) anyhow there was this table filled with Curly haired Hipster guys, they jokenly said that I should Marry one and have a cracked out version of a crazy Red headed Hermonie. Funny that is sort of what i want. Jokes aside.


I have had a thing for guys with Curly hair since middle school! and I kinda hope that I will have curly headed kids running around.

The two of them ploted out my life laughing while I quietly ate my grilled Cheese thinking if only what you say will come true

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