Tuesday, October 26, 2010

a single gals confession


While I have always been happy being single or really wherever I am in this like (although I love love as you can tell from my blog, but I also try to be realistic about it) anyways lately I make plans with all my friends like Pumpkin Carving and they bail on me, Or I buy tickets for all of us to go on Halloween to this event we've all been planning and now they decided they don't want to go, so now I have tickets and have to try and find someone to go with and when this happens I think two things.

1. If my friends out of state were here they wouldn't do this to me.

2. Sometimes I wish I had a boyfriend because then I would always have someone to do things with.

I think things are changing with me and my friends and its scary, but its life.

Speaking of change isn't funny when you realize you've changed your ideas of things, like before I moved to L.A. I pretty much mocked the lifestyle that I live now


I remember seeing this couple in matching outfits on my first day of school in Califonia and thinking "Who would do that?" only now I think its kinda cute sometimes.


Its also odd to me that somewhere in time I became the girl that sends my friends recipes, craft tips, and all of that, when did I become that girl?


Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

People change :) &sometimes the change is great!

Alyssa said...

oh love. its always crappy when friends commit to something and bail - and dont care that you spent money on tickets. I guess that just shows you they are not really that great a friends...
at least you have friends back home that care...
hope the day looks up a bit for you :)

whimsy said...

yeah i hear ya, it was hard for me when my friend group started changing, but it will get better because it will lead you to new things too. just have to keep your mind open and try hard to be happy for them instead of feeling resentment which is very hard to do, but is the right selfless thing. but it is lame that they are bailing on you, they should not be doing that esp. when you have tickets!!! im so sorry that is so lame!! you don't deserve it! if i was there i would go with you:) you are darling and i love your blog! i wish i went to the school you go to you must love it:)