Tuesday, June 8, 2010

He'll add me He'll add me not


Have you ever pondered weather you should be the one to add that person you like on Facebook? I have for the last 24 hours.

The reasons I thought not to

-if he likes me he'll add me

-It might seem forward, especially since this one has to keep a pretty guarded life

I keep hearing he's not that into things going through my head

reasons to

-life is short go for it!

- we have mutual friends who can vouch I'm not crazy

-I've been to his house, I think you can't get more personal then being in someones house right?

- he kissed me on the cheek when I left, you don't do that to just anyone right?

-Mutual friends asked if I was already his friend on facebook.

-his good friend is suppose to add me but hasn't yet its a way for him to add me

I feel like I am just going to sit here waiting for him to add me like I am little girl with a flower just waiting. I've kinda been doing with a friend of his who is suppose to add me, it makes you feel silly.


I went for it, and I figured the worst that will happen is he won't accept that add button and maybe there will be a reason for it or maybe it wasn't the right move for me to make but then i'll know and can move on. Life is short!!


Now I feel like I am going to be waiting around for him to hit that add me button, and by the way I have always had in the past the people I like or really want to hear from seem to suck at internet communication which could make this a long wait.


I'm hooked up on heart monitors for 24 hours. I feel like a Robot with all these wires coming out of me, The Cardiologist says he is sure I am fine but of course test everything out, mostly to set me fears aside and maybe reduce some of my anxiety.

So I am going to go out today and do the things I think I've felt funny about and go for a long run.


Kristen said...

OK, so this is totally a cop out way to go about it, but I have had a mutual friend do the "suggest friend" option. that way if you add him, it's your friends fault, and maybe he'll feel a little bold and add you first. I'm the kind to tell you to take a leap but then shy away when it's my turn...so maybe it's not the best "advice" but thats what I would do


Kelly's Adventures said...

Well I went for it, but I heard from a mutual friend he was commenting on post from other friends to get my attention and do just that, so well that went well.

So maybe I should suggest that you just go for it