Thursday, May 20, 2010

Confessions of a single girl


everyone in my town grows up and gets married, EVERYONE in fact I can name 4 people I know out of the four hundred that went to my school that are single.

My L.A. friends think this is crazy and warn me to not feel the pressure. It doesn't bother me really. I would like to meet nice chap and settle down one day but in the mean time I can go out and have fun and enjoy life (not to say you can't while being married)

I have a friend from High school and we were best friends, the kind that did and told eachother everything, the kind that dreamed of their kids growing up together!

She got married right out of high school and we continued to talk, but then she felt that I needed to move away from L.A. and back home with my parents and then she had a baby and felt I didn't understand her anymore.

It hurts that she feels this way.


why can I not understand her now? Just because I at my time have not found the love of my life and had kids I couldn't possibly understand what she's going through, She'll talk to other friends we had that are married with kids, she'll even talk to ones that are married or in a serious relationship, but us single gals. Oh we are a waste of her time.

My best friend is getting married this summer and I am confident that after we will remain friends, in fact one day I hope that we do fun coupley things together once I meet someone.

I also know that if that doesn't happen he'll never judge me.


I was watching the bonnie hunt show yesterday and the whole talk was about how women are too picky and they need to stop being so and basically being in your 30's and not having found someone, Its almost such a sad thing to think about for me that here are these beautiful talented women who just want someone to love them and they aren't finding it.


I want to believe in the grand scheme of things that there is someone for everyone, but I guess having all this single stuff around lately got me thinking, My mother has been single for 10 years now, I have friends who are shocked she doesn't date or hasn't met someone but the truth is my mom is happy that way, she has her things that keep her busy and she has my Grandma who is her best friend.

Bonnie Hunt never been married and single and content with that and went on to say that she has come to terms that she will be a single gal forever, do you get to a point where you just come to terms and settle that this is the hand you've been given?

I want to believe that since my Grandmother and my mother haven't been lucky in love that I am the next in line to have some luck (or perhaps there is a family curse)

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LouBoo said...

Hi - just a note on your married friend - there is something odd that happens to friendship when people start gravitating towards 'like' people; as if friendship only works if you are the same life stage. I guess the proof of real friendship is whether it lasts even if your life stages are out of sync. It's a shame though and happens so much...

And on finding love - it's out there somewhere! L x