Monday, May 10, 2010

Boy talk

because what girl doesn't like to talk about boys?

although I have realized that a lot of criticism can come from people when it comes to who you like.

I wonder if I can ever bring a guy home for my roommates make fun of boys wearing the latest fashion (mostly jackets and Skinny Jeans) and mock those with Zach Efron hair, I laughed at this because my last little fling had hair much like this:


I told this to one of my best friends who used to be very L.A. Used to like a boy with Skinny Jeans but now goes to school in Washington state and dates a Metal head and was like yeah you like "boys in pussy jeans and girl hair ew ew ew"

What does that mean? why does it matter?

I snapped back "I don't make fun of you for liking boys that look like Jesus"

There is also this huge conversation on facebook going on from all my old high school friends about how gross it is that guys are in Skinny Jeans Even mention that its not suppose to be there because it says so in the bible!

but all of this got me thinking today, I like a guy who will watch Epic love movies with me, who will Listen to Metric and Lykke Li with me, and at first I really loved that about him, not some guy pretending to be tough and mocking my girly habits.

why should what he listens and watches make any difference?

but then I started thinking about all the things friends say, and all the things past boyfriends have made fun of, its weird. Why should all these things not be okay for a person?

I was reading something online that people were claiming and actor was Gay by being active in the fight for Pro-Same sex marriage. Its kind of mind blowing to me that all of a sudden we have these standards for people.

and it is weird that all these thoughts get to me, I know he's a manly guy, why can't he be into all these things, and what makes if I have a boyfriend like that less of a person then the smelly, Rock listening, doesn't clean the bathroom guy that your dating

I used to have this thing for guys with curly hair, kinda still do and all my friends would make fun of me for that. Perhaps you can't really win


I think there should be bigger things to worry about in a relationship like do you have a connection



Going out and having fun with them, being able to be yourself.


Having stupid inside jokes and just laying there talking and laughing about them


Someone who treats me right



I'm really attracted to a guy while he's driving, being the car with him, listening to music, laughing. I have gotten made fun of for this or people don't get it, I don't know what it is but I love it!


Having stupid inside jokes and just laying there talking and laughing about them.



Krysten @ After 'I Do' said...

You'll find that it matters less what someone looks like and more about who they are.

I love my hubby because we can be goofy together, we finish each other's sentences and he can make me laugh even on the very worst day. And that's just the tip of the iceberg.

It's a plus that he has brown eyes, which I love. But if his eyes were any other color it wouldn't really matter - it's totally what's on the inside that counts.

S and O said...

oooh what a great post!
I love the images :)

aren't stupid inside jokes the best kind??? lol! have a great day!


Kelly's Adventures said...

Thanks guys!

bella♥ said...

great post!
I dont think anyone should have certain "standards" cause your going to like who ever you have that connection with.
does that make sense. lol