Saturday, March 13, 2010

Worst set up ever


This photo is getting around blog land today but I seriously feel like getting far far away.

Remember the friend who told me his brother liked me? well he called me yesterday to hang out with them at the Getty. I work it out that my friend Jazzy is going to go too (she'd never been and was super excited) but she had to pick up her car from the shop and it took longer then thought.

So they had left, and they invited us over to these girls house to hang out so we did, well apartently the guy from Africa (sorry I have no Idea how to say his name, I'm a terrible person) was planning on dating me and spent the whole night saying super forward things like:

"Your hair is so pretty" *runs fingers through hair*

" Can I be in your movie and Die in your arms"

he made me feel stupid, he insulted the school I go to, my favorite restaurant, our mutual friends, and my favorite band.

He tried to shove a cigarette in my mouth when I told him I don't smoke. He tried to force me to sing for everyone.

He wrote a really stupid song about me, He tried to get me to date him, marry him, and sleep with him

He asked if I was attracted to him and its like dude I don't know you, plus he was so not my type, Imagine Kanye West, but if he was a actor and not a rapper.

My friend and I left to eat at my favorite Diner, I needed pie and I just ranted the whole night about how he is so not my type and what was he thinking?!?!!?

I'm sure even you guys would see this guy wasn't my type.


I walked away from the party holding back tears, and I was with someone that wouldn't understand my tears, I keep wondering if what he said about the brother was true, but perhaps this is meant to make me move on...

this is what I want to do today, I just have so many thoughts running through my head, I feel like Nutella would help


I told some close friends, One said stop talking to my friend, but I don't think he meant anything mean by it.

One said just tell him how I feel (I plan to)

I did learn some lessons


I've never been a compliments girl, when guys are hitting on me, I don't do the whole, your blue eyes are amazing, I wanna run my fingers through your hair, look at your cute freckles (and I pray that know one calls me a naughty girl again like this guy)

I realized its because you don't have to, Its just meaningless words, actions speak louder then words, Its in a look, its in a smile, its a talk, its in a hug, its in a drink or two.

You know what a guy looks at you and thinks your beautiful and nothing in the world can express how amazing that makes you feel, he says it in his look, he doesn't need to say it in his words.

anyways that is my rant for the day! I told him last night when he asked me what kind of guys I liked I said John Krasinki and I have to say looking up his photos made me happy, I just get happy to think there might be a guy a lot like him out there, waiting for me





Graceface said...

That sounds so awful! (not to mention awkward!) :/

Kelly's Adventures said...

yes yes and yes

Mandy said...

Oh, Jim from the office. those pictures made me happy too.
I wouldn't mind jumping into one of them