Friday, February 19, 2010

Oh happy friday


I am going to another show tonight and boy do I need it, I am going with the girl I always go with and taking a girl from school that has been wanting to go, it should be super fun!

The Venue wants me to get there like 4 hours before the actual show starts to get a table which I think is odd but I am going with it and will get to hang out with friends so I guess worse comes to worse we'll go grab some food or something.


You know what is odd about this crowd that goes to theses shows? No one moves...They all stand around and take pictures. Which makes me sad. One of the things that made me fall in love with going to rock shows was that here you are all these people from different back ground together for the same love of music, moving to the same beat in the same way and feeling the passion, sadly at these shows I only get that from 5 other people, but I get in the zone and forget it all.

Its going to be fun and I always have fun. Its going to be good to be able to hang out with the guys today before they head off on tour for awhile


I didn't sleep much last night and ended up having to take pain killers because I had to lug 20 pounds of groceries home and my body hated me. but rock and roll will always wake me up!!


or I might just crash in the car on the way up there....

Well whatever you all do I hope you have a Rockin weekend!!

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