Sunday, February 21, 2010


“No Mom. What part of ‘Walk of Shame’ made you think it was a good thing?”

— Young lady walking down Bedford in a vurrry short skirt. Presumably on the phone with her mom. I love you Brooklyn. (via exceptforthisone)

My mom and I had a conversation like this once, it was about my brother being mad at his friends for calling his Ex girlfriend a whore (my brother still liked the girl that broke his heart)

anyways so my mom is explaining this to me and I say, they are doing that whole support you're friend thing,

Its like when my ex-boyfriend was making out with this girl in front of me and all my friends walked out with me saying "she's fat" and so on. its that having you're friends back its Bro's before Ho's

"Don't call her a ho"

"I'm not calling her a ho mom is a saying"

I then try to explain to my mom what bro's before ho's means

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