Tuesday, May 19, 2009

sex and boogers

I volunteered again. The kids got in trouble for talking about not so classroom friendly things such as farting and humping. I was asked to help these two boys. Which let me tell you its getting hotter (well it was it dropped down and is now raining and storming) and well Deoderant these kids don't wear it, not so fun.

anyways they are learning how to measure on a ruler. Most of these kids don't follow instructions so you spend most of your time just telling them to do it. Most understand what they have to do its just getting them to do it.

The one boy was left handed and was complaining he couldn't do it because he was left handed. I tried to help him (seeing as I am left handed) but he didn't listen and kept complaining. I never think I have ever seen being left handed as a disadvantage. He went on to say that is sucked because not that many people in the world are left handed. I said 11% of the world is (I read it on a snapple cap, it was funny because of a play we had just done) anyways so the other boy asked what the rest of the world is and well I don't know!

Oh and the other kid kept flinging boogers on people so we were all super grossed out!

Then the next class came. I did spelling with one kid and then they are all working on this end of the year book and they can put anything they want in it. A lot of kids are taking pictures they take offline and trying to put them together so I am using my graphic design knowledge to help which makes me feel good that my art can do something to help kids that well people don't really listen to. Today I am going in to see if I can get the two mac's to work that no one ever uses and put things like Adobe artist and photoshop on them.

Then I had to wait to grade a kids test and he was pretty antsey that day. He and another kid got in a lot of trouble earlier and Mrs. Nolting had to yell at them which was odd for me to see because she is the sweetest women ever but sometimes you have to do what you have to do.

Well the kid I was waiting to grade his test he hit this other boy who is mentally challenged and I had to be a witness to the avent and then they both got in trouble. Then I did more spelling. all the kids ask me questions and I always try to think of the best honest ansewer that is going to help them.

These middle school boys are crazy it makes me wonder why I ever like one. Then I thought about who I did like and I probably just laughed at his antics.

Then I came home and did laundry and then my brother and I had a heart to heart about everything and it makes me really happy I have my brother. Then I watched Tv while Texting Kim about the excitement of the shows. Then we talked for a long time online.

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