Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving from us Wes and Kelly!

You might be asking who that beautiful 4 legged lady is with us and its crazy I haven't talked to you all about Nola my service dog!

I took part in the show rescue dog to service dog on animal planet and the paired me with a service dog to help fit the needs of my disability (12 others got this as well, you should check it out). Two trainers found Nola in a shelter  for me to work and learn to be my counter balence dog and help me walk without the assistance of my canes. We then work with the two trainers to get Nola to the point of being my service dog.

We filmed the show and it was a great experience but let me tell you they cut out a lot from the episode so for those of you that have seen it and have any questions please feel free to ask.

She goes most places with me and does really well. She's been to the movies, Disneyland, and so much more!

Nola is a 3 year old Great Dane and her color is Tri-colored Merle. She's my beautiful girl and such a wonderful dog!

Here we are at a local beach cleanup, LBclean. She has a special harness donated by bold lead designs and it has a special handle for me to hold onto is and is made so beautifully!

She went with us  to Georgia to meet Wes's family and did great. She even flies with us on the plane (she lays at our feet and little bit of the person in the row with us but no one seemed to mind) she did so well!

I'm thankful for everything I have as always but this Thanksgiving (My first with Nola) I'm so thankful for this addition to my family! 

Monday, November 20, 2017

its good to remember

No relationship is perfect, ever. There are always some ways you have to bend, to compromise, to give something up in order to gain something greater…The love we have for each other is bigger than these small differences. And that’s the key. It’s like a big pie chart, and the love in a relationship has to be the biggest piece. Love can make up for a lot.

Even if its over where to place a chair in your apartment.....

Monday, November 13, 2017

Its not like the movies

honestly some of y’all want a significant other so badly and can’t understand why you can’t find one, but have no sense of boundaries or healthy expectations of what a relationship is like. 

in a committed long-term partnership you get left on red, you wait for texts back, and you can forget about each other when you’re busy. sometimes you fall asleep without saying goodnight and sometimes you’re too caught up to text each other before 6pm. that’s how it is. 

thinking that you can’t be deeply, beautifully in love and still wait more than “1.75 hours” for a text back is such an unhealthy and unreasonable expectation of what love is, and you shouldn’t be in a relationship if you can’t allow the other person to exist on their own apart from you. if you’re projecting your anxieties and insecurities onto a partner who doesn’t even exist yet, then you aren’t ready for one.

It is however much butter then I could of dreamed it to be but I am still so glad that I hold onto the girl that I am. Now we take steps to make each other better and we do it with confidence in each other. 

Love with you

Before you, love meant something different. I was naive and a little dumb, expecting fireworks and constant grand cheesy gestures because I actually believed the movies. I dreamed of that unending adventure. 

It’s not a roller coaster; it’s a leisurely drive along the coast with the windows down, warm ocean breeze, singing along to the radio. It’s not a stomach turn and rapid heart beats and sweaty palms; it’s a sigh of relief and a warm hug and squeezing your hand while shopping for sunscreen.

 Love with you is finding ourselves on impromptu beach hikes, picking out furniture, laughing at accidental farts sitting on the couch, discussing everything and everything, and making lunches together. 

Love with you is forgetting to care about phone notifications on our whole vacation, because the only thing that mattered was how soft your bronzed skin was under my fingertips and your smile when you watched the sun sink below the horizon in the Pacific Ocean. If you told me 3 years ago I would have had all  this with you I would have bet my life against those odds. 

Yes, you still give me goosebumps and take my breath away, but often in tiny unexpected moments. My heart still speeds up every time I catch a glimpse of you. Love with you is unlike anything else I’ve ever experienced. Love with you is slow and meandering, the most low-key expedition I’ve ever been a part of. Love with you is waking-up-early-on-a-Saturday calm and fresh-sheets-from-the-dryer comfortable. 

Friday, November 10, 2017

the big relationship question

To have kids or not? thats crossing our path a lot lately! 

Sunday, January 29, 2017


As promised I said I would introduce you to the people you have been reading about in this blog!

I was born 4 1/2 months early and have Cerebral Palsy.

I am lucky because I have very supportive family

and friends


Grew up in Georgia. Works harder then anyone I know and would probably hate that I am saying all this about him. 

Come introduce yourself sometime! 

Monday, November 28, 2016

When it was our one year anniversary I did some research for this blog to see what maybe other people learn after a year, I came across a post that I disagreed with almost 100% both views so let me post bit of it and give you my thoughts.

The Man’s Perspective First 

#1. Black and navy are never okay to wear together.

overall I don't care what my boyfriend wears. I might suggest to not tuck his pants into his boots when we go to a wedding but in all honesty if that's what he wants I let him. I like him for him not the clothes he wears and with that he gives me the same respect, he doesn't tell me not to cut my hair. I ask his opinion on outfits all the time and he will always tell me I look good, because he thinks I do no matter what! 

#2. Love is at its best when it’s truly a partnership and your goal is to support the other person’s success.

okay I will agree with you here buddy. We both do this for each other and I hope every relationship does this. 

#3. Even when she says farting is okay, it’s not okay. It’s never okay.

farting is a part of life and we both handle it like you should, which is funny he comes from the southern world where its a fart you ignore it, its part of life. My family cracks up at farts and find them hilarious. We find a good middle ground with this. We live together, we like to eat curry. It happens. I really hope for this couple they learn to to get over this one quickly. 

#4. A woman always wants to feel like she is being pursued and doesn’t want you to ever think the work is done.

Okay I will also give him this one, and my boyfriend does this but I would note it doesn't have to be big things. In our relationship we do things everyday for each other in little ways. 

#5. Never underestimate the power of worshipping with your significant other.

I know this one is important for religious couples. We agree 99% on religion I would say even though neither one of us really goes to church or practices a lot we have a lot of shared conversations and we respect each others viewpoints. 

The Woman’s Perspective

#1. Put down your cell phone.

I would agree, but my social media boyfriend loves his phone and I have learned to work around it. He puts it down when it's important but i don't need his undivided attention all the time so this is something I need to remember. 

#2. The worth of a man isn’t in the depth of his pockets, but the depth of his character.

I also agree on this one! Neither one us has much but we make it work (and dream someday that maybe we will have more) but we also love to pick up things on the side of the road, shop at goodwill and check out craigslist. It's fun. We also budget for fun things we really want to do but are also content eating a grilled cheese and watching bob's burgers at home. 

#3. If you let him fart once, you’ve opened Pandora’s Box.

see above 

#4. Power isn’t defined by dominance and control. It’s demonstrated in patience and grace.

How about no one has the power? 

#5. You will always have A LOT more to learn.

Okay we'll end it in a nice way but saying this is true.